Vintage Hawaii: White Ships, a Pink Hotel, and Boat Days

Its kind of like a “six degrees of separation” scenario . . . at least that’s how I see it. From the crazy water temples of San Francisco Bay to the birth of Hawaii tourism . . . from the Filoli country estate down the peninsula to the old and venerable luxury hotels (I … Continue reading

FILOLI . . . “Fight for a just cause, Love your fellow man, Live a good life.”

Thirty miles south of San Francisco—and about 100 yards south of the Pulgas Water Temple—is the entrance to Filoli, a magnificent country estate surrounded by stunning formal gardens.It was the retirement home of Grass Valley’s Empire Mine magnate, William Bowers Bourn, and his wife, Agnes. As owner and president of … Continue reading

The Water Temple—Alive and Well in the San Francisco Bay Area

Drive south on the I-280 as it passes through Redwood City, and you just may catch a glimpse of a small Grecian-looking temple located near the side of the road below. The structure looks remarkably out of place against the surrounding grasslands rimmed by coastal mountains.This is the Pulgas Water … Continue reading

A Quick Trip to the Horace Heidt Magnolia Estate Apartments

A while back, I finally did it . . . pulled a U-turn on busy Magnolia Boulevard in Sherman Oaks and circled back to the retro-looking “Horace Heidt’s Magnolia Estate Apartments” sign. Curiosity had finally gotten the best of me. I drove into the dated-looking complex and followed a lane that … Continue reading