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I’m just a So Cal native with a love for more “off the beaten track” info when it comes to local or regional history. I’m a born-and-bred Angeleno, former travel agent, professional photo researcher, and amateur photographer. Mostly I love retro, googie, and 20th century historical stuff . . . and I especially love “then and now” photos of places.

Comments, suggestions, or questions are welcome. After all, you don’t have to be a local to enjoy local history.

Thanks for visiting L1OTB  ~ Cindy

(This site is dedicated to my dad, a native Angeleno who taught me to look beyond the city’s major boulevards and highways to catch a glimpse of the real L.A. He also taught me everything I know about the fine art of taking surface streets and discovering alternate routes. Thanks, Dad.)

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  1. CB,

    My Dad was the one who taught me the ins-and-outs of driving in Southern California. He’d have me, as a young child, use the old Thomas Bros. Guides to find things, most notably the best routes, on our drives together. This made me a better driver, I’m sure, and gave me an excellent sense of direction that I have to this day.


    • Exactly! And getting my own copy of a brand-new Thomas Guide for Los Angeles was a real “rite of passage” . . . right after getting my driver’s license. The sense of direction thing is so true . . . as well as learning how to backtrack, get out of tight spots, and switch on/off freeway interchanges, etc., lol! It was like driving boot camp to learn from our dads . . . but so well worth it! Thanks for the great comment, Desiree.

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