Guest Post: Growing up in the Foothills, Sunland’s Lancaster Lake (part 2 of 4)

MORE TO LANCASTER LAKE THAN JUST MUDDY WATERS When “Grandpa” Lancaster first opened his lake to the public in 1925, swimming, as well as fishing and boating, were the main attractions. To the dismay of most kids (and by the time I came along in the late 1930s), swimming was … Continue reading

Seen in Glendale: One Hundred Mules Walking

November 5th, 2013, was the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, a transformational achievement that allowed for the growth of Southern California as we know it today. To mark the occasion, local artist Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio walked the length of the aqueduct with … Continue reading

Seen in L.A.: Spooky and Colorful Festiveness

Overly done and “composed” Halloween decorations are just not my thing . . . I can appreciate other folks’ expense and hard work, but my eyes are always drawn to the more “perfectly imperfect.” So while out and about in the days leading up to tonight’s All Hallow’s Eve festivities and … Continue reading

Guest Post: Rescuing Rockhaven, Gem of the Foothills

This is a peaceful place. There is serenity in the breeze blowing through the many native oaks and waving palm trees. There is beauty in the brick pathways, the colorful tiles, wrought iron railings, rock walls, and ivy-covered fences. This is Rockhaven. Once upon a time, the Foothills and the … Continue reading