PICTURE THIS: It’s Football Season and Surf Meets Turf on Santa Monica Beach!

Check out this fun retro image . . . featuring a bevy of 1930’s bathing beauties kicking off a huge football on the sands of Santa Monica beach!

To me, this photo perfectly captures how our Southern California seasons (and, yes, we do have them, folks . . . subtle as they may seem) crazily overlap. This time of year, days can climb 40 °F from morning until night . . .  as the last triple-digit days of summer intersect the much-anticipated start to the fall football season. How many of you Angelenos have noticed how the angle of the sun has now changed? The softer daylight hints at cooler days to come. To sum it up, So Cal beach days plus football games—really, could you ask for anything more? (Well, a winning team, of course!)

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